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Boat Cleaning Services

Having a personal boat is common when you’re living in New York. It is like your second home. If you like to party with your friends, then your boat is the best place to do so. The upholstery items in it, however, are prone to getting dirty when they face so much traffic. This stands true for carpets and rugs as well, spread in your boat. The cleaning of your boat both from the inside out is essential. On the outside, cleaning of hull prevents deposition of marine debris on in while cleaning on the inside reduces the wear and tear of the fabric. The cleaning of fabric reduces the chances of its own wear, as well as that of the wooden work inside the boat.

Boat Cleaning Service

Carpets, rugs, and other upholstery items have fabric on them. This results in the deposition of dust and dirt in them, carried by foot. With time, these depositions start appearing as stains which blot the whole appearance of the place.

Carpet Cleaning

This involves the introduction of intricate machinery and application of expertise by our professionals to remove all the debris from the carpet in your boat. Hot water extraction method is used to make the carpets good looking once again.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are delicate compared to carpets. They demand a different approach towards their cleaning than one used for carpets. Onsite cleaning services are available but it is better to clean the carpets at our cleaning facilities to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning

The seats, sofas etc. which are inside your boat also contain fabric. So, they catch dust and start getting dull in their appearance. Proper cleaning ensures these items remain clean and spot free every time you decide to enjoy a good time with your friends at your boat.

Onsite cleaning is a quick process. Your boat is ready to party only a few hours after it is cleaned. The quickness and smoothness of the process don't hinder the quality of the work.

Our team of skilled professionals makes sure your boat is all cleaned, free of disease-causing microorganism, and stinks free. For the purpose of removal of bad odor, oxidizers are used.

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