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For most people cleaning carpets is a somewhat unpleasant chore that hardly anyone looks forward to. One of the reasons that cleaning carpeting is so unpleasant is because those rental machines are bulky and heavy and normally poorly maintained often leaking water and leaving your carpeting looking streaked rather that cleaned. Here at Carpet Cleaning Cambridge Inc. carpet cleaning is our passion and we love what we do and it shows on every carpet we clean. We actually enjoy meeting the people of Cambridge and feel it is a privilege to help them keep their homes in top condition.
We are a fully licensed and insure carpet cleaning company who like you are proud residents of Cambridge and want to remain in business here for many more years to come. We know that the key to running a successful carpet cleaning business is to provide our customers with high quality service and clean and fresh carpets and we achieve that goal in the following three ways.
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We don’t just want our carpet cleaning technicians to be competent at their job, we want them to excel, which is why we put every new technician through a training program teaching all about our cleaning methods, how to properly use our state of the art equipment and cleaning products. In addition, our Technicians are taught how to recognize stubborn stains and odors that are common problems to people with carpeting and they learn the correct way to eliminate those stains and odors.

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We are firm believers in the fact that you can only do the best job if you use the best equipment, which is why we use state of art steam cleaning and other equipment in our business. All of our equipment is periodically inspected and regularly maintained to ensure that it is capable of doing the job the way it was designed to do.


In addition to trained technicians and state of the art cleaning equipment we use the best organic cleaning products available. These products are tough on dirt and gentle on your carpet fibers and great at removing stubborn stains and odors. Best of all our organic cleaning products won’t leave behind any toxic residue or fumes, all you will experience is clean fresh smelling carpeting.

We Provide both Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are two methods most commonly used for the purpose of carpet cleaning:

We are proud of the fact that we able to provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to our customers.

•Residential carpet cleaning:

To our residential customers we offer extended cleaning hours from 8 to 8 as well as same day services to better meet your hectic lifestyle and schedules. Just give us a call and make an appointment and we will more than happy to clean the carpeting in your apartment or residence.

•Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

We know that not all of our commercial customers can take advantage of our extended cleaning hours because their businesses too may have extended business hours. If that is the case we will be more than happy to work with you to find a more convenient time to clean your business’s carpeting. We can clean the carpeting of single business such as bank or law office, or can handle multiple carpet cleanings for apartment and management company managers.


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