Mattress Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning, bedroom mattresses tend to often be overlooked. However according to experts cleaning your bedroom mattresses periodically can improve your bedroom air quality and provide a more restful night sleep.

Problems with your Mattress?

The issues regarding your carpets, rugs, & other upholstery items are entirely different from those associated with your mattress. Your mattress sees most contact with your body. So, it needs special attention to be cleaned, to make sure you stay healthy & enjoy a sound sleep every time you get on it.


Your bedroom mattresses are subject to collecting a variety of pollutants including dust,

dead skin cells, perspiration, hair and body oils and even stains and odors from spilled drinks and the accidents of small children or pets.

These pollutants don’t remain on your mattress however. Every time you turn over in your sleep loose pollutants are thrown in the air where they affect your bedroom air quality and can be breathed in with every breath you take.

In addition, those odors that are hardly noticeable when you are awake tend to be stronger in your sleep, making for less rest.

State of the Art Cleaning Equipment

When you steam clean your bedroom mattresses two or three times a year, you cut down on the amount of pollutants that build up on mattresses and eliminate those stains and odors. The air quality in your bedroom improves and you sleep and breathe better getting better rest.
At Carpet Cleaning Cambridge Inc. we use our state of art steam cleaning equipment to steam clean your mattresses removing all of the dirt, stains and odors and killing bacteria and germs as well.
We will be happier to clean your bedroom mattresses at the same time we clean your other upholstery or we can clean your bedroom mattresses separately whichever you prefer

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