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If you have wood or tile floors chances are you have spent a good deal of time and money selecting the perfect area rugs for your home. Area rugs not only protect your flooring and provide warmth for your feet on those cold Massachusetts nights and mornings, they also add interest to your home decor. However, like carpeting your area rugs need a good cleaning periodically and we here at Carpet Cleaning Cambridge Inc. will be more than happy to clean those rugs for you.


We clean all different types, styles and sizes of area rugs from those small rugs in front of your kitchen sink or next to tub to those large rugs in the center of your dining room or living room. We also clean the most recent area rugs designs and fibers as well as old family heirlooms. Some of the types of rugs we clean include:







Polyester and Polyester blends

Wool and wool blends


Steps Involved in Carpet CleaningTwo Convenient Rug Cleaning Options

In order to make having your area rugs cleaned as convenient for you as possible we are pleased to be able to offer you and all of our customer’s two convenient rug cleaning options:

Pickup and Delivery:

One of the area rug cleaning options we offer our customers is perfect for those customers who have limited time and don’t want to sit at home while their area rugs are being cleaned. You simply give us a call and arrange a time that is convenient for you to have us come and pick your area rugs and we will be there. We will then take your area rugs back to our facility and clean them there before returning them to you again at your convenience. Pickup and delivery is free, you only pay for the cleaning.

In Home Rug Cleaning:

The second rug cleaning option we offer is an in home rug cleaning. If you choose this option you simply give us a call and set up an appointment for us to come to your home and clean your area rugs right there and then while you spend time with your family or attend to other matters.

Regardless of which rug cleaning option you choose, we still will clean your rugs using our state of the art equipment and organic cleaners in order to provide you with cleanest and freshest area rugs possible.

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